2017 trip to PI (return) – Day 2 – Rutherglen to Tumut

Disclaimer: I am writing this on my phone and half drunk so give me a break…

Was cold in Rutherglen this morning. Dan was up since 4 am cause his old and weird. I meet him up just after 7 for coffee and off course the entire town just lost power and i can’t have one. At least I had a hot shower before I left the room. How was your shower Ron?

Next stop Wadonga for a hipster brekkie in the sun. And coffee. Did I mention coffee? Ben shows us boobies picks. He’s good like that.

From there back to Murray Valley road in glorious sunshine. Fast flowing sweepers with the river on the left and the hills on right. Bliss returns.

We fuel up (us and the bikes) at Walwa before heading up to the mountains. Can’t wait for twisties galore. Temperature drops drastically as we climb and the scenery is breathtaking. Somewhere mid-climb Ben runs wide and his front rim hits a concrete gutter slashing his tire and bending the rim. Me and Dan don’t see it and keep going for another 20 kms before stopping and finally heading back. We find him and Ron banging on the wheel trying to get it half straight. Not gonna happen.

I head out with Dan to Cabramurra so we can get phone reception and ask for a tow truck. We have a coffee while we wait gor the phone. We’re good like that. After organising the rescue we head back the 30 odd kms of twisties to the stranded boys. We give the goid news. Tow truck shall be arriving in another half an hour. And it does.

With Ben headed backnto Corryong on the truck, we have to get a move on as the sun is coming down and nobody likes the alpine way in the dark with kangaroos ans brumbies playing chicken. A few kays up the road Ron stops and thinks he lost his headset again. I go back once more to try and find it. Dan arrives a few minutes later and says Ron found his headset. I have a tantrum.

So (for the 7th time) we smash the twisties to Cabramurra, fill up and finallly go down hill to the turn off to the highway to Tumut. The rest is a blur of beautiful scenery, stopping for wild horses on the road and Ron missing the turn to the motel. We have dinner and drink a lot. We deserved it tonight.

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