2017 trip to PI (return) – Day 1 – Melbourne to Rutherglen

Time to kiss wife goodbye. See ya in a week honey. It’s cold in Melbourne. It’s always cold in Melbourne. Except when it’s hot. Then it’s really hot in Melbourne.

Ron is up early this morning. I’m worried. Ben’s still sleeping. Less worried. We finally head out of the city towards the eastern suburbs. Ron needs to replace his jacket because its torn. ┬áThe distributor is a cool guy and arranges to have it swapped at a shop on the way out of town.

After an hour of shopping we finally get on our way towards the Yarra ranges. C511 is our initial playground for the day. The delay has the beneficial effect of allowing the clouds to start clearing. The climb still has some wet patches but we have a blast. There are a lot of bikes on the road. PI travellers like us avoiding the cold, wet roads around the alps this morning. There were news of ice on the roads around the area.

We loop around Lake Eildon, through Alexandra to Mansfield were we stop for lunch. We decide to get something from the supermarket and Ron buys butter in a can. He then proceeds to pry it open with his hunting knife. Life in the woods with our teddy bear.

From here we take the pass to King Valley. Last time I’ve done this it was pissing down and it was great. In the dry it’s fabulous. We ride around a lot of moving chicanes and get a wiggly finger from the local constabulary. They were kind enough to be parked in the bush facing us and just being scary. Not all of them are pricks. We stop at the bottom and all have smiles across our face. Except Ben. Ben is probably peeing. He likes peeing in the bush.

From here it’s straights galore. Boys drag race. Ben decides to pee again 2 kms out of Wangaratta. He doesn’t understand the concept of toilets apparently. Arrow straight to Rutherglen. Sun is shinning. twenty degrees celsius. Cold beer at the pub. Mystery chinese food. Life is good.

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