2017 PI Trip – Day 3 – Maitland to Bathurst

Woke up to the sound of thunder… no, wait… is just Ron “hibernating bear” snoring. I decide to record proof. I have to move the phone away from the source as it complaints about volume levels. Should have brought noise cancelling headphones…

Dan is up. I meet him for some morning fuel (coffee) across the road while we wait for the sleeping beauties to wake up. Morning is perfect. Warm and no signs of rain. Ron finally wakes up and has cold steak for breakfast and then takes a shit. It stinks.

We meet a local rider on a german steed. He kindly offers to lead us down to the putty. We wait for Ron again as he takes another shit. Head south through the Hunter vineyards and meet up with another local. And we putty. We putty a lot. We love puttying.

Stop for a coffee where everyone does. Flies greet us. They love us. Our new friends need to go back and it’s time for us to grab some apple pie. I’ve been craving Belpin apple pie for months! After a few corners uphill we stop for some warm pie and cream. As good as I remember. I’m coming back for more.

We head towards Lithgow on Bells with Ben leading the way with a map loaded into G maps that I gave him. He obviously decides to change it immediately because he saw a squiggly line. We end up in a dirt road at the bottom of a valley and immediately decide to tell him his an idiot and turn around. I look at the map and find a way back to the original route through an amazing scenery of mountains and a man made lake. Ben decides he’s Marquez but quickly realizes that he’s not. We tell him he’s an idiot again. We make our way towards Oberon on perfect sweeping bends that make our steeds sing and our souls heal. More petrol for the duc and we head to Mount Panorama for the mandatory lap of the road of the gods. Check-in at the hotel overlooking the track and Ron takes a shit.

End the day with a few drinks at the bar and a walk through the track before heading back to the hotel for dinner. It took a while to order because we had to wait for Ron to take a shit. But the food was great and the company even better. Time to go to bed now. I need to go to the toilet but have to wait ’cause Ron is taking a shit.

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