2017 PI trip – Day 5 – Corang to Corryong

Can’t remember the last time I was woken up by a rooster. The sun is out but I struggle to get up. Is day 5 and the miles are starting to take their toll on the body. Well irrigated evenings don’t help I suppose. Long day ahead so I better move my butt.

Day starts with another blast through the dirt access road to the property where we stayed at Corang. Bikes are looking filthy and we promise them some love and care later in the day. First blast takes us to Tarago. Another great flowing road with barely any traffic. Engines enjoy the fresh morning air. We merge with the last stretch of the King’s Highway towards Queanbeyan where we stop to de-dirt the bikes and do some maintenance.

The day is warming up when we make our way south towards Cooma on the boredom of the Monaro Highway. One hundred kilometres of straight road. At least the scenery is beautiful. Lunch stop at a coffee shop in Cooma. We are starting to see more bikes on the road now. First news of heavy police enforcement on the area come via the locals.

From here we make our way up to Jindabyne where we fill up and get ready for the excitement of the great alpine way. The first part of ascent presents a nice warm-up for the tire-shredding fest of the descent on the other side. There is still snow on the peaks, even though it’s 25 degrees C up here. The views are mesmerizing. We stop shortly at Thredbo for some photos and quickly get back on the bikes to start the descent.

There are no words to describe this kind of ride. Perfect conditions, good tarmac, amazing scenery, endless kilometres of corners. We swap the lead a few times and enjoy chasing each other down the mountain while listening to the amazing soundtrack of four thoroughbreds stretching their legs on the mountain air. One to remember…

Somehow we make it down the bottom with seeing any highway patrol cars and make our way to the Mountain View motel (aptly named) and the pub for some well deserved beers and meat. The boys like meat.

Strange notes for the day: Ben didn’t get us lost and Ron didn’t hold us up to take a shit. Weird…

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