#Aprilia releases 3 Kits to turn the RSV4RR into a Proper Killer at the #Racetrack!

The maniacs at #Noale have done it again! Where is my wallet? Take my money!

Today Motorraddicts bring you some news from inside #BeARacer about race kits that have been released for the RSV4RR Factory to turn an already insane and advanced bike into an absolute cruise missile at the Track!

Originally Published by #Bearacer May 28th 2019

Come on, let’s admit it, we’ve been kind of drooling over the #RSV4 1100 Factory ever since we got the tester riders to tell us about it, and the attraction continued to grow after we tried it out on the track at #Aprilia All Stars 2019. It’s over the top, elegant and simply stupendous. It’s the #ultimate evolution of 10 years of development of our favourite Aprilia, applied to production, but this certainly doesn’t mean that the Noale guys have forgotten completely about her “little sister” with 100 CC less, or about those of us racers who are far less concerned about elegance and far more about lap times!

The new RSV4 RR is already a top level racing platform, as we of all people know only too well, just like we know that we simply cannot resist the attraction of that nicely rounded engine capacity which reminds us so much of the modified production bike races that our V4 bomber has managed to shake up and conquer. Yet Aprilia, in its wisdom, decided that this was still not quite enough for us racers, so they’ve helped us to turn this bike into a proper killer for the track! But how, you ask?
Well, with 3 accessory Track kits specifically designed to improve the RSV4 RR’s performance, focusing on three major features of any racing machine with designs on the top step of the #podium, namely weight, handling and aerodynamics.
Here’s what’s in these kits:


An #Akrapovic full-racing exhaust to reduce weight, improve power delivery and make the V4 sing like an opera tenor. It’s made entirely of Titanium and has an elliptical #carbon-fibre tailpiece. The entire exhaust system weighs less than 5 Kg and guarantees a significant increase in torque delivery above 4500 rpm, particularly in the 4500 – 8000 rpm range, thus ensuring a net improvement in acceleration coming out of the bend.

Black cast-aluminium wheel rims: 2 real gems that are pitch black, light as a feather and perfect for reducing rolling mass. These wheels really are the sworn enemy of slow lap times.
Lithium battery: for a weight reduction of 2.5 KG compared to the standard battery and to provide even more “spark” (please excuse the pun).


#Öhlins #NIX front forks: hydraulic #compression, #extension and #pre-loading adjustment to ensure perfect entry into bends thanks to the NIX-technology cartridge developed by Öhlins for the Supersport and Superstock world championships.

Öhlins #TTX rear shock-absorber: gold-coloured to indicate priceless performance. Created specifically for the RSV4. Fully adjustable, with upper and lower mounts machined from solid aluminium billet. Our Swedish friend needs no introduction whatsoever.

Öhlins steering damper: to complete the package and ensure top performance and a racing look. This can also be used as a replacement for the standard unit without any modifications to the frame mountings.



the most representative expression of Aprilia Racing’s experience and MotoGP know-how. Developed from the appendages mounted on the RS-GP, these aerodynamic components increase the aerodynamic loading effect, thereby helping to maintain high-speed stability and improve the stability under heavy braking. As with the ones fitted to the RS-GP, these accessories are manufactured from carbon-fibre.

Braking system air-intake:

New front brake air-intakes to improve cooling and ensure consistent braking performance. Yet more proof of the direct transfer of MotoGP know-how to production bikes. Manufactured from carbon-fibre to reduce the effects of weight.

We personally think this development is awesome and are super excited to see the kit in the flesh! If you think you are keen to grab one, make sure to send us pics of what it looks like on the bike! If you don’t have access to #BeARacer’s web portal. Make sure you join up at https://bearacerclub.aprilia.com/en/posts/

Details on the kit can be found  by downloading the Aprilia Accessories Catalogue.

Until next time! Keep your throttle hand strong and your head on a swivel! AND Stay tuned for some inside information and sneak peeks of the Noale Factory when I go and pay them a visit this June! Woohoo!

Ciao #ForzaAprilia!

Passionate Aprilia Owners #DownUnder, launch the #ApriliaOwnersClubofAustralia!

#Motorraddicts tips their hats to the group of Aussies that decided to put the Aprilia Owners Club of Australia on the map! The club was officially launched earlier this year at the #LaverdaConcourse in #Queensland Australia, and it’s been a smash hit amongst Ape owners everywhere!

They took it from an idea to a reality in a very short amount of time, while securing permission from the #Aprilia italy and #Piaggio, and have built up a pretty decent amount of corporate sponsors. The membership is growing fast and we love how things are starting to look! They have plans for #rides #techSessions #TrackDays #TrackCoaching #Travel #Races and a lot more. The merchandise is looking great and membership perks so far are amazing!

AND….It turns out, its one of the very few larger Aprilia Owners Clubs in the world!

#kudos guys! Amazing! We Love your Passion! 🙂

If you own an Aprilia and live in Australia, We suggest you check AOCA out! and join up!

website : www.apriliaowners.club
official FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/apriliaownersclubaustralia/
FB Social Page : https://www.facebook.com/groups/ApriliaOwnersClubAustralia/

A Random little town on #thelongwayhome! #day10 of our #motogp #misadventures

Its 9:13PM in a little town called Rutherglen in Victoria. Yesterday was the GP Race, and it was a damn good one! We had spent the weekend with access to the #Aprilia Garage courtesy of Aprilia Italy because of a few strings I pulled. We watched as the front 7 riders play musical chairs with the positioning nearly every lap. Miller, Zarco, Rossi, Marquez and others took turns leading the race for a lap here and there, but the final results were (1) Marquez, (2) Rossi and (3) Finales.   Being a big Aprilia fan, I was rooting for Aleix but he crashed out of the race, and walked off understandably pissed off.  There is so much more to say about Saturday and Sunday, but there are lots of posts on our Facebook page about what we got up to 🙂 Check that stuff out, while we take the time to do write up about that amazing experience!

As for right now, Hugo has departed the world of the conscious with yet another smart ass comment about something or another, and is once again snoring like some guttural thing that Dr. Seuss may have dreamed up, and mumbling in Portuguese about god knows what. It’s a nice change. At least he isn’t randomly saying ‘fuck you, Ron!’ while he sleeps. I think he may actually have a mild case of Tourettes.

We’ve checked into a little motel called Poachers Paradise. It’s beautiful wine country but it’s Monday so the town is quiet. Some cold schooners of beer and Chinese food from the Pub across the street has satisfied us for the night.

We got here after almost 7 hours of seat time. Mine was spent on the #TuonoV4 riding through fast flowing sections and tight twisty roads spanning the Yarra Valley and Yarra Mountain Ranges, The King Valley, Wangaratta, past Mt Buffalo National Park, and more. We traversed landscape that must have been conjured by the Motorcycle Gods. AND!!, we were blessed with amazing blue skies, and pristine winding roads most of the way after we got out of the moody Melbourne weather.  It was definitely soul food for me!  LOL and I did it on 3.5 hours of sleep. :S  Fuckin Hardcore.. Or at least thats what I tell myself…. we all have our delusions 😉

Anyway, the Motorcycle Gods must have offered us this day in apology for the insane day that was Thursday when we went over Mt. Hotham which is 1800 meters above sea level, in sub 10deg weather with fog and rain. This day was truly glorious! During our travels we came across a lot of riders on bikes heading back home. Some of them riding at a brisk pace, some meandering along. We hunted down and passed the slow ones, and kept pace with the quicker ones. We had a good play with one particular pack of bikes including 2 Tuono Factories, a BMW S1000RR, a Ducati Diavel and a Kawasaki Ninja.  At one point I went flying past an police cruiser sitting in the bushes as i passed a slower bike!  I know!  Things were puckering and I was watching my mirrors to see the red and blues chasing me down but all I got was a finger wag by the occupier of the car!  Hahah Awesome!   We also ran into an Aprilia Rider Forum member Nick Cardillo on his Tuono V4  along our way.

Our lunch stop reminded me of my travels in Europe.  We hit a grocery store, bought some cold cuts, bread, chips, some mustard and this really nice butter which happened to be in a sealed can that I had to open with my hunting knife.  Hugo of course found this amusing and in true smart ass fashion produced a quip or 2 about it.    We sat at a picnic table, ate, chatted, laughed and then packed up and left to carve some more roads.

We also had some funny moments, like Ben’s piss breaks on the side of roads 5kms out of various towns with perfectly good working toilets.   I need to remind myself to speak to Ben about being an opportunity pisser.  Pee when everyone stops even if you don’t think you have to.   It avoids having to speed to the front of the pack, wave everyone down to stop and then running off behind a tree while everyone shakes their heads.

Life on the road affects everyone in different ways, both physically and mentally. I’ve done a minimum of 4 hours of riding on 9 out of the 10 days we’ve been on the road. The only day I didn’t get on the bike and smash out some serious mileage was yesterday when we were at the MotoGP in Phillip Island (we took a 645AM bus that took us to the track in 2 hours). Needless to say my body is a bit tired, and my joints are reminding me of old rugby and skiing injuries I collected in my 20’s. Dangerous Dan is also feeling some aches and pains. We’ve also been a bit more quiet, but coffee and some good pain meds sorted us for most of the day.  I have found riding in the morning a bit painful but by midday things are flowing nicely and carving the roads becomes fast and joyful.  Guess its part of getting old. 🙂

This trip has been amazing and full of some awesome experiences but after an extended time on the road, some can start to show some curious ticks. The old saying goes, if you want to get to know someone, travel with them for some time. I’m starting to worry about the Orange Puta’s mental health and his various obsessions, like his penchant for trying to wind everyone up around him. Perhaps he forgot his lithium tablets, or maybe its a KTM rider thing.  LOL who the hell knows.

I’m also starting to think he’s got a school boy crush on me, since he seems to be keenly watching me and cataloguing everything I say and do and then trying to make a joke out of it, all while insisting on wearing his pants below his ass like some gangster rapper and bending over regularly to show me (as well as Ben and Dan) his woolly ass crack. I don’t quite know what to make of it. Dangerous Dan and Ben are starting to raise eyebrows as well. Now, I should put it out there that I don’t take offence at body hair, but if you wanna keep a hairy ass, please keep it under wraps for the sake of all others! LOL We’ve also named Hugo Little Chorizo (Poquito Chorizito in Spanish) as an homage to his Portuguese background and rapper style pants past his unshorn ass.

Based on this crush worry, I’ve surveyed the room to ensure he hasn’t hidden any bottles of chloroform around and am reticent to accept drinks he offers to buy.  Last thing I want to do is wake up feeling sore in strange places!

Fuck! I’ve got to spend another few days in motel rooms with this guy!? Well at least he can ride well and his humour, though strange and somewhat obsessive, is entertaining. But seriously dude! PULL UP YOUR FUCKING PANTS!!

LOL anyhow, my day started as a cold overcast morning in St. Kilda, Melbourne at 0600, after I got 3.5 hours of sleep. Why you ask? Since it was time to leave the apartment we rented for 3 nights, I had to get myself reorganized. We had gotten back into to the hotel at about 930PM. Hugo and Amara (his wife.. yes he’s married) went straight into their room, and weren’t seen again till morning.

I on the other hand decided to sort a few things before the morning departure. I always find it better to get all my kit sorted, accounted for and waiting by the door, the night before, because I can admittedly be a bit dull and groggy in first thing in the morning and then shit gets forgotten, or misplaced.

I was running out of clean clothes, so laundry had to be done. Ben did Dan and I a solid and had gotten us change and soap from the local late night grocer and we took over the laundry room of the hotel complex to refresh our threads for the ride back home. 2 washers and 2 dryers meant we had to take turns. That took a couple of hours, and then I rearranged my clothes and other kit in the #Kriega Bags. I also built a few #spotify playlists and stored the music on the phone so that I could hear tunes in areas with no cell signal. I hadn’t spoken to my wife for a couple of days so a call to Canada was made while the laundry was being done (yep she’s there right now, and it’s a 14 hour time difference), and speak to her for a bit.

Next thing I knew it was 0300 and I was to be up at 0630 and today happened. So yeah! I’m really fucking tired and need some sleep so I can hit that REM cycle, repair myself and do it all again tomorrow!! The Tuono Awaits! Yeeehaaaaa!

Another amazing day on the road! But man I’m bloody tired, and tomorrow is another early rise for 6 more hours of wondrous roads over the Great Alpine Way, as we make our way into New South Wales.  So with that said, I must now sleep!

Nighty Night Addicts!



Extended Helmet Therapy

It’s 11:42PM, in Maitland NSW. Hugo is snoring like a freight train in the bed next to mine. Where the fuck are my ear plugs? Oh! wait.. I have a bottle 8% Ginger Joe’s Ginger Beer.  That’ll satisfy the thirst and make me not care about the human chainsaw, and help me to forget about my sore muscles 🙂   Drinking it on my own because Dan and Ben are in the next room with the lights off.  Me? I can’t sleep so, peck away at this keyboard by LCD light I shall!

Anyway..   18 minutes until day 2 of our trip from Brisbane/Gold Coast QLD to Phillip Island for the 2017 MotoGP comes to a close. Day 3 starts tomorrow, when we wake up early (not as early as Hugo.  Some of us are human and need more sleep that isn’t snore filled)   We just had an epic day of riding and covered 450 some odd k’s, including heading down Thunderbolts way (part of the Australia’s New England High Country.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thunderbolts_Way).  Of course, we obeyed the speed limit at all times, Officer Rod Updeinenarsch!   How could you suggest otherwise!  You and your brethren can give us all the dirty looks you like as we roll past.  Really I know you are just jealous, even if you don’t understand it, or admit it to yourselves.  No revenue for you! Not this time! sorry 🙁

This 15 day trip has been brewing in the brain for at least 2 years.  Yep, I’ve got the nomads blood in me! Sitting still for an extended length of time, really gets me antsy!   I bet my ancestors were on horseback, hoofs thundering through the hills in search of the next adventure.  Maybe that is just what I tell myself so that I can justify my addiction to motorcycles.   Either way, the desire is there, and if I don’t give in, I become a very cranky and irritable bastard!   Just ask my wife!

I do get away for 2 day escapes here and there to keep my insanity in check, but I’ve been feeling the call to throw a bunch of things into a bag, climb onto my bike and disappear into the hills on an extended trip;  rolling into small towns, eating in places we’ll probably never visit again, and sleeping in a different bed every night; spending time winding the throttle of our bikes until the RPMs howl while hearing the exhaust note echo through the hills as we scream down the road (yes yes, at the speed limit, Officer Rod).

So finally this year, the motorcycle gods heard my silent calls and blessed me with the time to fuck off into the great wide open, and as it happens they also blessed my above mentioned nomadic compañeros with the same.  Originally it was 6 of us that wanted to go along, but 2 were robbed of the glory.  So in the end 4 of us carefully planned our escape across 3 Australian states and one territory, in search of winding roads, petrol stations with 98 Octane and motorcycle racing glory that is the MotoGP.   We left Saturday morning!

Ahh finally some time to get centred; to find some peace and tranquility! My bike, my helmet and my thoughts!

Some of you inherently get that, but others? You scratch your heads and ask: ‘how the fuck does anyone find relaxation and mindfulness by wrapping ones legs around a motor and 2 wheels while barrelling down the hill at adrenalin fuelled breakneck speed, with only leathers and a helmet, skirting certain death and infamy as an organ donor?’   Surely thats just some crazy shit, that can be diagnosed using the DSM manual and cured with medication right?

Nope! It’s true it can ACTUALLY reduce stress and make you happier in the long run.   Don’t believe me? OK.. let me drop some science on you non-believers!  According to the Ryuta Kawashima Laboratory of the Department of Functional Brain Imaging, Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer at Tohoku University.”Incorporating motorcycle riding into daily life improves various cognitive functions (particularly prefrontal cortex functions) and has positive effects on mental and emotional health such as stress reduction.”

Wait.. What? They make you smarter!?  But but but it’s so dangerous!  You could die!  Ok…. sure, that is true. It’s dangerous!  But so is walking across a busy street, smoking a cigarette, posting extremist political shit on Facebook, eating too much crap at your local cheap Chinese buffet or visiting McDonalds more than 3x a year!

Yep, improved cognitive function!  AND!!!… get this.  It can bring you tranquility and allow for some self exploration!  Now this isn’t a novel idea.  It’s been around for quite a while now.  Seriously! Ever heard of the book by Persig (RIP) called ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’?   Yes?  Did you read it? If no to either of those questions then, shame on you!  Download it here! and relieve yourself of your risk averse misconceptions!  You’ll thank me!     If you don’t then WTF are you doing here reading this blog anyway? We are way to different, and anything I say will just sound like gibberish to you.  Stop wasting your time and go crochet sometime would ya!?  Don’t forget to pick up a big mac on the way home ok?

So.. Those that are still here……..    Science!…. Motorcycles might kill you, but riding them has been proven to make you smarter!  They will make you happy! They will help you to better deal with stress, because yes life is stressful, that shit isn’t going to change!  Not in our day and age!  But think about it for a second.  If you are happy and able to cope with stress better, then maybe you will be a nicer person to those around you!? hmmm? hmmm? See!  a bit of altruism there!  Anyway, google that stuff!  Check out that cool rabbit hole! I’m not preaching anymore! If you are already converted, then go get on your bike, or buy one, borrow one!  Hell get on a scooter! FFS! Go Zen out!

As for me, I know this to be true…  riding clears my head, I can have the shittiest week ever! Go from one royal fuck around to the next but if I get on my bike and go for a ride, helmet on face, wind rushing past, my mind gets quiet!  I’m in whats called the here and now! It’s momentary zen!  My blood pressure actually goes down!  Yeah… I’m in my 40’s and have to think about that shit!   No doc is writing this guy a scrip for statins! Hell no!

Fuck!  Lucky me!  13 more days of this, and a world class motorcycle race parked right in the middle 🙂 Fuck yeah!

Anyway, its late!  Ginger Joe has worked his magic, my battery is at 4%, and Hugo stopped snoring.. I better get some sleep before he starts again!  Got another awesome day of riding! More mountain ranges, the thrum of my V4 Aprilia, while I quick shift through the gears, flying past amazing scenery, having good laughs and good times, and collecting stories to tell later!  Gotta savour that shit! 🙂

Until next time!  Keep your throttle hand strong and stay upright!