#Aprilia releases 3 Kits to turn the RSV4RR into a Proper Killer at the #Racetrack!

The maniacs at #Noale have done it again! Where is my wallet? Take my money!

Today Motorraddicts bring you some news from inside #BeARacer about race kits that have been released for the RSV4RR Factory to turn an already insane and advanced bike into an absolute cruise missile at the Track!

Originally Published by #Bearacer May 28th 2019

Come on, let’s admit it, we’ve been kind of drooling over the #RSV4 1100 Factory ever since we got the tester riders to tell us about it, and the attraction continued to grow after we tried it out on the track at #Aprilia All Stars 2019. It’s over the top, elegant and simply stupendous. It’s the #ultimate evolution of 10 years of development of our favourite Aprilia, applied to production, but this certainly doesn’t mean that the Noale guys have forgotten completely about her “little sister” with 100 CC less, or about those of us racers who are far less concerned about elegance and far more about lap times!

The new RSV4 RR is already a top level racing platform, as we of all people know only too well, just like we know that we simply cannot resist the attraction of that nicely rounded engine capacity which reminds us so much of the modified production bike races that our V4 bomber has managed to shake up and conquer. Yet Aprilia, in its wisdom, decided that this was still not quite enough for us racers, so they’ve helped us to turn this bike into a proper killer for the track! But how, you ask?
Well, with 3 accessory Track kits specifically designed to improve the RSV4 RR’s performance, focusing on three major features of any racing machine with designs on the top step of the #podium, namely weight, handling and aerodynamics.
Here’s what’s in these kits:


An #Akrapovic full-racing exhaust to reduce weight, improve power delivery and make the V4 sing like an opera tenor. It’s made entirely of Titanium and has an elliptical #carbon-fibre tailpiece. The entire exhaust system weighs less than 5 Kg and guarantees a significant increase in torque delivery above 4500 rpm, particularly in the 4500 – 8000 rpm range, thus ensuring a net improvement in acceleration coming out of the bend.

Black cast-aluminium wheel rims: 2 real gems that are pitch black, light as a feather and perfect for reducing rolling mass. These wheels really are the sworn enemy of slow lap times.
Lithium battery: for a weight reduction of 2.5 KG compared to the standard battery and to provide even more “spark” (please excuse the pun).


#Öhlins #NIX front forks: hydraulic #compression, #extension and #pre-loading adjustment to ensure perfect entry into bends thanks to the NIX-technology cartridge developed by Öhlins for the Supersport and Superstock world championships.

Öhlins #TTX rear shock-absorber: gold-coloured to indicate priceless performance. Created specifically for the RSV4. Fully adjustable, with upper and lower mounts machined from solid aluminium billet. Our Swedish friend needs no introduction whatsoever.

Öhlins steering damper: to complete the package and ensure top performance and a racing look. This can also be used as a replacement for the standard unit without any modifications to the frame mountings.



the most representative expression of Aprilia Racing’s experience and MotoGP know-how. Developed from the appendages mounted on the RS-GP, these aerodynamic components increase the aerodynamic loading effect, thereby helping to maintain high-speed stability and improve the stability under heavy braking. As with the ones fitted to the RS-GP, these accessories are manufactured from carbon-fibre.

Braking system air-intake:

New front brake air-intakes to improve cooling and ensure consistent braking performance. Yet more proof of the direct transfer of MotoGP know-how to production bikes. Manufactured from carbon-fibre to reduce the effects of weight.

We personally think this development is awesome and are super excited to see the kit in the flesh! If you think you are keen to grab one, make sure to send us pics of what it looks like on the bike! If you don’t have access to #BeARacer’s web portal. Make sure you join up at https://bearacerclub.aprilia.com/en/posts/

Details on the kit can be found  by downloading the Aprilia Accessories Catalogue.

Until next time! Keep your throttle hand strong and your head on a swivel! AND Stay tuned for some inside information and sneak peeks of the Noale Factory when I go and pay them a visit this June! Woohoo!

Ciao #ForzaAprilia!

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