Passionate Aprilia Owners #DownUnder, launch the #ApriliaOwnersClubofAustralia!

#Motorraddicts tips their hats to the group of Aussies that decided to put the Aprilia Owners Club of Australia on the map! The club was officially launched earlier this year at the #LaverdaConcourse in #Queensland Australia, and it’s been a smash hit amongst Ape owners everywhere!

They took it from an idea to a reality in a very short amount of time, while securing permission from the #Aprilia italy and #Piaggio, and have built up a pretty decent amount of corporate sponsors. The membership is growing fast and we love how things are starting to look! They have plans for #rides #techSessions #TrackDays #TrackCoaching #Travel #Races and a lot more. The merchandise is looking great and membership perks so far are amazing!

AND….It turns out, its one of the very few larger Aprilia Owners Clubs in the world!

#kudos guys! Amazing! We Love your Passion! 🙂

If you own an Aprilia and live in Australia, We suggest you check AOCA out! and join up!

website :
official FB Page:
FB Social Page :

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