Naked and not afraid

I prefer them naked. Yes, I’m a fan of the dressed up kind, in all sorts of shapes and guises, but when I’m committing to a relationship, I like flesh… or mechanical bits in this case.

Had my fair share of partners in crime of this sort over the years, from indestructible oriental commuters (CB500, FZ6N, MT09) to euro, erection inducing, time-warping machines (Streetfighter, Tuonos, SDR). Love them all to bits.

The extra exposure to the environment, savings on chiropractor bills and the amount of performance the latest generation can produce is the perfect recipe for my kind of soul-food. Doesn’t really matter which one you choose. You can’t go wrong. They are just different takes on your favorite meal.

Do yourself a favor and take a few of them for a test ride. While they all share the same basic ingredients, it’ll surprise you how different they are in character and execution. Not “better” or “worse”. Forget what the spec sheets say, if they have another two and a half hp or if they weigh 100 grams less if the radiator isn’t filled up to the max line. It won’t matter one bit. Find the one that tickles you in that weird spot and leaves you giggling like a school-girl that just had a Bieber-glimpse.

You can thank me later.